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Shimano Clarus Spinning Rod Shimano Clarus Spinning Rod

The Clarus rods offer high quality performance at a price that wont break the bank. The rods are built on a 30-ton graphite blank that is super strong and sensitive so you can feel even the most subtle bites. The rod is complete with Fuji guides and reel seats with AA cork handles.

Our Price: $48.00
Lew's Mach Speed Stick Spinning Rod Lew's Mach Speed Stick Spinning Rod

The MachSpeed Stick features a hard to miss look that has the performance to back it up. Featuring a IM6 graphite blank and Carbon Nano Tube Technology that offers excellent power and strength. The custom Lews SoftTouch skeletal reel seat makes the rod sensitive and provides comfort for all day fishing. The rod also features Winn grip Dri-Tec grips and a built in trigger keeper.

Our Price: $79.99
Denali Fission Spinning Rod Denali Fission Spinning Rod

The all new Fission Rods from Denali are built to put a premium rod in your hand and an affordable cost.  Available in several models, there is one to fit your every need.

Our Price: $89.99
Daiwa Tatula XT Spinning Rod Daiwa Tatula XT Spinning Rod

These rods by Daiwa are a great rod at a great price. Featuring the quality and features of high end rods at this price point is something that most companies simply cannot do. Featuring Daiwas exclusive Zero G design, these rods are incredibly lightweight, yet powerful. Aso featuring their exclusive HVF carbon blanks for great sensitivity and built with X45 bias graphite fiber construction, these blanks will not twist which helps them have more powerful hooksets without breaking. Additionally, these rods are fitted with premium Fuji Aluminum Oxide Ring Guides and Fuji ACS reel seats for maximum comfort and blank exposure. These rods are truly the best rod you can get at these pricepoint.

Our Price: $99.95
Lew's TP-1 Speed Stick Spinning Rod Lew's TP-1 Speed Stick Spinning Rod

The Lews TP1 Speed Stick features a premium IM8 graphite blank that is both lightweight and durable. The rod has American Tackle Micro Wave Guides that reduce tangles and improves casting distance. The reel handles are wrapped with Winn Grip that has a Dri-Tec coating that provides a no slip grip. The rod also has Lews custom SoftTouch graphite reel seats.It is also backed by Lews limited one year warranty.

Our Price: $99.99
Powell Inferno Spinning Powell Inferno Spinning

The Powell Inferno Spinning Rod is ideal for trying out your fitness techniques or drop shotting, tubes and jigs. Constructed from MaxumFiber Mini Matrix high modulus graphite, this spin rod is lightweight, strong and sensitive. It is equipped with quality hardware such as Fuji® guides and aluminum galvanized non-corrosive trim rings. Inferno Spinning Rods feature a Pac Bay minima reel seat and high-grade cork for lasting durability and comfort.

Our Price: $99.99
Daiwa Fuego Spinning Daiwa Fuego Spinning

The new Fuego LT series of spinning reels, state of the art fishing tools that define Daiwa’s commitment to the LT Concept of lighter, tougher material. With conventional, heavier spinning reels, long hours of casting and retrieving can fatigue the arms and hands.The Fuego LT housing is light but sturdy constructed from a Carbon based material. The innovative Magsealed main shaft delivers butter smooth performance while preventing water or dirt intrusion. The technology uses a Mag Oil that can be magnetically solidified similar to a packing on a boat’s propeller shaft. Oil smooth operation as well as a water and impurities barrier makes the design and function unparalleled. The Machined Aluminum handle is ergonomically correct and screws easily into the body. Six ball bearings and one roller bearing combine to create the ultimate in silky smooth operation. If you are looking for an amazing reel packed with high-end design and technology features then the Daiwa’s Fuego LT may be the reel for you.

Our Price: $99.99
Denali Attax Spinning Rod Denali Attax Spinning Rod

These tournament grade rods offer some serious features at an unbeatable price. Featuring an IM7 graphite blank and woven graphite inlay throughout the base of the rod, these rods are built on a very high end blank. Equipped with Winn Grips for ultimate control even in wet conditions, stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts for increased sensitivity, and a skeleton reel seat for more blank exposure resulting in increased sensitivity, these rods truly are tournament ready.

Our Price: $119.99
Lew's Custom Speed Stick Spinning Rod Lew's Custom Speed Stick Spinning Rod

The Lews Custom Speed Stick are designed to be technique specific and can be used for a wide range of fishing applications. These rods are designed by pros so they are built for the best by the best. These rods feature lightweight HM60 graphite blanks that are lightweight and durable. They come equipped with stainless steel guides with titanium oxide inserts, custom reel seats, built in keeper, and EVA foam grips with Duracork reinforcement.

Our Price: $129.99
Powell Endurance Spinning Powell Endurance Spinning

Powell Endurance Spinning Rod - The Endurance has been designed with actions perfectly suited for what ever technique you choose to fish. The Endurance Rods have been built on the highest quality blanks constructed of Maxumfiber III graphite or high grade fiber glass and utilize Fuji guides and reel seats as well as A-grade Cork.

Our Price: $129.99
Fitzgerald Rods Stunner Series Fitzgerald Rods Stunner Series

The Fitzgerald Rods Stunner HD Casting and Spinning Rods are designed to perform in any situation. Built around high quality rod blanks that carry a limited lifetime warranty, the Stunner HD Series offers the ideal actions and tapers to fish a full range of baits.

A serious line of rods that will handle all of your fishing needs, the Fitzgerald Stunner HD Series Casting and Spinning Rods are well-balanced, lightweight, and easy to fish all day long. Take your fishing to the next level with Fitzgerald Stunner HD Rods

Our Price: $169.99
Daiwa Tatula Elite Spinning Rod Daiwa Tatula Elite Spinning Rod

Each rod in the Tatula Elite lineup of rods by Daiwa was designed specifically by a professional angler for their favorite technique. These aglers were given the freedom to choose everything from their length power and action, to their preferred reel seat. Equipped with Daiwas exclusive X45 graphite for reduced torsion, and fuji alconite guides, these rods are great performers at a budget minded price. Every Daiwa pro is using these rods on tour just to prove that these rods have the qualities to be used at the highest level of fishing.

Our Price: $179.95
Fitzgerald Rods All Purpose Series Spin Fitzgerald Rods All Purpose Series Spin

The All Purpose Spinning Series by Fitzgerald Fishing is a rod series for all anglers. The All Purpose Series features high quality cork grips, a carbon fiber reinforced reel seat and American Tackle Guides with saltwater-gauge stainless steel frames. The Fitzgerald Fishing proprietary high modulus blank is specially engineered to be extremely sensitive and designed to last! The All Purpose Series is a high end rod that is designed to perform!

Our Price: $189.99
Denali Lithium Spinning Rod Denali Lithium Spinning Rod

Denali Lithium rods are the top of the line when it comes to quality and performance.  Some of the ligthest models from Denali, they are a personal favorite of the "Real Deal" Michael Neal.

Our Price: $199.99
Denali N3 Denali N3

The Denali N3 Series Casting Rods push the envelope of tournament performance with an extreme focus on quality and sensitivity. Designed with top of the line IM8 graphite, the Denali N3 Series Casting Rods deliver a sensitivity rich construction that transmits the subtlest bites, while maintaining the strength to handle big fish.

Our Price: $249.99