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Zoom The Fluke Zoom The Fluke

The Zoom Fluke is another classic fish catching bait from Zoom. The Fluke is an all around baitfish imitator that can be rigged countless ways for a wide variety of techniques. From a Texas rig to a drop shot or even a vibrating jig, there is not a wrong way to rig this bait. This bait is made of Zoom's legendary plastic that has the perfect blend of salt to give the bait great sinking action.

Our Price: $2.49
Zoom Super Fluke Zoom Super Fluke

This best selling 5.25” soft jerkbait by Zoom is a true fish-catcher. Great rigged in a multitude of ways this bait is a great option for finesse fishing, as well as power fishing. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, this bait is the ultimate option for matching any forage that swims. Made of Zoom’s tournament winning plastic and available in a remarkable amount of colors, these baits are tournament winners.

Our Price: $3.49
Zoom Super Fluke Jr. Zoom Super Fluke Jr.

The Zoom Super Fluke Jr. has all the same characteristics of the ever popula fish catching Super Fluke just in a smaller package.  This makes it great for highly pressured fish or ones chasing smaller baitfish.

Our Price: $3.49