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Zoom Fat Albert Zoom Fat Albert

The Fat Albert is a tried and true soft plastic from Zoom. The Fat Albert has a thick body section that is ribbed to give the bait flexibility and action. The curly tail on the grub gives it swimming action that never stops. This bait is made with Zoom’s legendary plastic that is both soft and durable. Try this bait as a trailer on your baits or on a jighead by itself.

Our Price: $2.39
Bobby Garland Baby Shad Bobby Garland Baby Shad

This small soft plastic worm has the profile and size of a baby shad and is perfect for crappie fishing on a jighead. These baits are also an underestimated choice for bass fishing under ultra-tough conditions.

Our Price: $2.99
Zoom Creepy Crawler Zoom Creepy Crawler

This 3” twin tail grub features thinner tails than your average twin tail grub. This means that the tails will kick faster, even at slower speeds or in cold water. A great choice for a jig, spinnerbait, or bladed jig, this bait will help you get more bites when you need them. Made of Zoom’s tournament winning plastic and available in a remarkable amount of colors, these baits are tournament winners.

Our Price: $2.99
Zoom Fat Albert Twin Tail Zoom Fat Albert Twin Tail

The Fat Albert Twin Tail is a great choice for a jig or Chatterbait trailer.  Featuring a small body and two curly tails, it provides a lot of action and water movement.

Our Price: $3.39
Big Bite Baits Kamikaze Swimon Big Bite Baits Kamikaze Swimon

The Kamikaze Swimon (pronounced “swim on”) was designed specifically to be used as a bladed jig trailer. It swims at the perfect cadence to match up with bladed jigs, complimenting the action rather than interfering like some trailers do.

Our Price: $3.99