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Abu Garcia Revo X Abu Garcia Revo S Abu Garcia Revo SX
Abu Garcia Revo X
Our Price: $99.99
Abu Garcia Revo S
Our Price: $129.99
Abu Garcia Revo SX
Our Price: $159.99
Let the line fly with the Abu Garcia Revo X Low Profile Baitcast Reel, which has the MagTrax™ magnetic brake system. The corrosion-resistant X2-Craftic™ alloy frame and Duragear™ brass gear promote longevity, while the D2 Gear Design™ and the Carbon Matrix™ hybrid drag system let you enjoy reliable performance. Plus, the compact handle is ergonomically designed for lasting comfort during long days out on the water. Introducing the latest in a long line of refined, iconic reels from Abu Garcia, the Abu Garcia REVO S Gen 4 Casting Reel meets cutting-edge technology and dependability to create true tournament performance. Giving anglers the freedom to effectively throw almost any bait with a few quick clicks, the Abu Garcia REVO S Gen 4 Casting Reel features a MagTrax brake system, which puts quick adjustment at your fingertips. Equipped with the Power stack Carbon Matrix Drag System™, the Abu Garcia Revo SX Baitcast Reel combines smooth performance and robust power. Equipped with 10 corrosion-resistant bearings, this reel features a DuraClutch™ design and an Infini™ brake system to create optimal engagement and a D2 Gear Design™ with a Duragear™ brass gear to maintain efficiency. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, you'll enjoy a comfortable feel as you reel in the catch of the day.
Abu Garcia Revo STX Abu Garcia Revo Winch Abu Garcia Revo Ike
Abu Garcia Revo STX
Our Price: $199.99
Abu Garcia Revo Winch
Our Price: $199.99
Abu Garcia Revo Ike
Our Price: $249.99
Equipped with a host of performance-enhancing technologies, the Abu Garcia Revo STX Low-Profile Reel features an X2-Cräftic™ alloy frame with aluminum and carbon side plates. Smooth performance is ensured by 10 stainless-steel ball bearings and a roller bearing, as well as the Carbon Matrix Drag System™. Plus, precise adjustments are accommodated by the IVCB-6L™ braking system. The reel also features a Duragear™ brass gear with the D2 Gear Design™ for lasting strength. 175 yards/10 pounds, 145 yards/12 pounds, 100 yards/15 pounds. 7.3 ounces. The Abu Garcia Revo Winch Low-Profile Baitcast Reel nned to be part of your arsenal. Enjoy smooth performance provided by the Carbon Matrix Drag System™ and Everslik™ coated pinion shaft and pawl. Ample durability is provided by the X2-Cräftic™ alloy frame, and 8 stainless-steel ball bearings and a roller bearing help keep things in good shape. 225 yards/10 pounds, 180 yards/12 pounds, 130 yards/15 pounds (mono). 7.55 ounces. The Abu Garcia Ike Low Profile Reels are designed by Mike Iaconelli. They feature the power, comfort, speed, and action that he demands out of his fishing tackle. These low profile reels have the personality that Ike is known for and features unmistakable cosmetics that make going "Ike" possible for the average angler.
Abu Garcia Revo Premier Abu Garcia Revo AL-F Abu Garcia Revo Beast
Abu Garcia Revo Premier
Our Price: $249.99
Abu Garcia Revo AL-F
Our Price: $249.99
Abu Garcia Revo Beast
Our Price: $279.99
Taking Abu Garcia REVO’s top-tier design to the next-level, the fourth generation of the REVO Premier Gen 4 Casting Reel is packed with Abu’s top-of-the-line technologies for unshakeable performance. In a class all its own, the Abu Garcia REVO Premier Gen 4 Casting Reel features the all-new Power Stack Carbon Matrix Drag System, which generates some of the highest drag pressure of any low profile reels. The Abu Garcia Revo AL-F Low Profile Baitcasting Reels were engineered to give anglers the compact performance of the MGX along with the versatility of a heavy-duty fishing reel. The Revo AL-F low profile reel features an aluminum frame for additional strength while the C6 carbon side plates and aluminum main gear allow for maximum weight optimization. Easily adjustable and ultra compact, the ALX is suited to throw baits from lightweight finesse baits all the way through to heavy jigs. Abu Garcia focused their attention on going stronger. The REVO Beast, introduced two years ago, is the same size as its other REVO siblings (S, SX, STX, Rocket, MGX, etc.) but is built for so much more with a big, oversized handle, deep spool, titanium coated sideplates, and brass instead of aluminum gearing. We're a little overdue but here now is our look at Abu Garcia's REVO Beast casting reel.
Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Abu Garcia Revo MGX
Abu Garcia Revo Rocket
Our Price: $299.99
Abu Garcia Revo MGX
Our Price: $369.99
The all new 10.1:1 Abu Garcia REVO Rocket Casting Reel furthers the Rocket lineage with updated components and an even faster 10:1 gear ratio. Boasting an incredible 41 IPT (Inches Per Turn), the Abu Garcia REVO Rocket Casting Reel allows anglers to make more casts and cover water more effectively. The Revo® MGX is where powerful performance meets an ergonomic design. It is constructed with a strong and lightweight combination of aluminum and graphite that houses the IVCB-4™ for precision brake adjustments, as well as the Carbon Matrix™ drag for consistent pressure. In addition, the Abu Garcia® Revo MGX Low Profile Baitcasting Reel features the Infini II™ spool design for handling longer casts and heavier loads.